My Happy Face

hahaha. I am not the girl who posts a selfie with an inspirational quote haha. I just literally can’t. There is nothing wrong with those. I LOVE good quotes. See my pinterest board for proof.

I am just literally incapable of showing myself to you and not revealing what was/is REALLY on my mind when I took this pic, or just currently.

Things that are bringing me that sunshine ray of smiles

1️⃣ having my BANGS back – I love them so much.

2️⃣ this is my birthday week and I plan on eating pizza and whatever breakfast food I desire (breakfast is my fav)

3️⃣ getting the opportunity to pour into our amazing youth led worship team over @ nextgen. Their mistakes and their triumphs make me so excited, because they are pursuing something so much bigger than themselves, humbled to be a little piece of it.

4️⃣ so many fun events scheduled this month with my oily wellness community

5️⃣ listening to hear the Lord rustling in the bushes, stirring up hope, and spreading light

Those things don’t negate the fact that people ARE in the hospital, mamas ARE struggling to keep their heads above the water, addicts ARE relapsing, people ARE making mistakes that are hurting others, the Bahamas is still a wasteland, and political parties still hate each other.

I am just channeling my inner Andy/April positive/negative forces where Dave Matthews Band is both an upper and a downer (see Parks & Rec for reference). And finding myself aware of a world FULL OF SO MUCH GOOD despite all the bad that is constantly surfacing.

My King is always on the move. Always doing something. And I am trying intentionally to listen and open my eyes to what he is doing RIGHT in front of me. Doing that keeps a pretty consistently honest and true smile on my face most days.

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