Guest Bathroom Reno Before + After

this bathroom. was. ugly. And let’s be honest guys.

Ugly old bathrooms scare me. Not in your typical flip the light on and “AH! I’m horrified by this bathroom’s ugliness!!”

nope. Mostly because someone. Somewhere. Thought that ugliness was a good idea!! And that makes me scared because what if my awesome things I love NOW are super ugly later haha. ugh. anyone relate to that? The idea of trends is so crazy right? The idea that something is beautiful now but could be yuck later is just bonkers haha. anyyyywayyyyys haha. Let’s take a look at this literally mind blowing before and after!

We turned this ugly bathroom into what possibly may be an ugly bathroom in the future haha. But not for now. Now she’s a pretty bathroom and we get to enjoy her! This is bonkers right ^^^ note the carpet in the before, also note the dark stain on the carpet right next to the toilet….we actual removed that carpet when we moved in and praise the Jesus there was tile underneath. It was ugly tile, but at least I could mop and clean it – yikes.

Also notice, we changed some major lack of light issues in this bathroom.

1 – there was a half wall there before that definitely helped your private moments remain safe in case someone walked in on you, BUT broke up a tiny room that didn’t need it. Get rid of the wall and lock the door, you’ll be good to go, friend.

2 – the shower insert that they had installed, covered a WINDOW in the bathroom. Yes a WINDOW. Instant pouring in of light. I love it. I was a little creeped out the first time I took a shower, but I made Caleb go outside and check to make sure it you really couldn’t see through LOL. These were really private people with their half walls and covering of windows.

I am honestly a sucker for classic white/black, plus some vintage added in. You could say it was fixer upper-esque or like Joanna made this bathroom herself, but let’s be honest – subway tile and antique furniture have ALWAYS looked good together. Not quite sure she initiated that.

It’s been almost 3 years since we did this reno so this is very memory lane for me. So many fun (read : stressful) things happened while we remodeled this bathroom (from demo to hanging the shower curtain) in 10 days.

  • I said “what if we redo our bathroom instead of going on a trip for our anniversary??”
  • so we took a week off of work and worked on this bathroom 18 hrs every day
  • did go out for dinner on our actual anniversary and got an entire pizza to go from mellow mushroom bc what is a reno without good leftover pizza
  • bought this quick settling concrete to fill where our old vanity was (originally they set the vanity and THEN tiled) and it was supposed to be like automatic leveling or something? well. not so much. Had to grind down the old stuff to make it level with the other concrete.
  • wish I had pics of that but just know it was a hot mess and Caleb almost had a heart attack from the stress of having an unlevel floor. I didn’t see why it was such a big deal (story of my life) and still don’t haha.
  • priming and painting lots of shiplap bc it was cheaper than buying pre primed.
  • waking up on day 4 or 5 I think with an exhaustion/possibly concrete dust poisoning hangover LOL.
  • me telling Caleb to get out those oils he got me for Christmas and using Peppermint essential oil for the first time for nausea for my exhaustion hangover
  • putting up subway tile for 18 hours. Caleb grouting the next day all day.

What a beauty this bathroom is!! I love it just as much now as I did 3 years ago.

room details : floor tile – Home Depot / shower tile – Home Depot / sink – Home Depot / sink faucet – Home Depot / tub faucet and shower head combo – Home Depot / over toilet black light – CB2 / over vanity light – Barn Light Electric / grey rug – Target but linked similar / white square rug – Target / waste basket – Target but linked similar

vanity and mirror were antique store finds

the wooden accordion peg storage I got originally from World Market, but they don’t sell it anymore – look on Etsy though!

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