Essential Oils for Cozy Scents and Cleaning all the Things

I really love love love using essential oils to make my own cleaning products and soaps. Couple things I love about them :

1- making your own cleaning products saves you money
No more roaming Target in search of “cleaning products” but then by 8 things you definitely didn’t need. No more paying for water! Most sprays or soaps you buy are mostly water LOL. No more buying cleaning products every few months. The glass container you use can be reused FOR YEARS. Mine I have here I have been using for 3 years in January – what. I would’ve bought so many bottles of spray cleaner in that time.

2- you can customize the smell to whatever your heart desires
There is no limit on the type of yummy smells you can whip up but also the oils CLEAN. They’re not just added fragrance. High quality oils like these from Young Living are the only ones I trust to truly do their job, not just smell nice. My current favorites for fall and winter are Orange, Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg, Christmas Spirit, Thieves. Sometimes I do a combo of those ^^ to make a pumpkin spice smell, sometimes I do just Christmas Spirit because it is so yummy. But you do you, babe.

3- better for the environment
Instead of buying more and more plastic every month, I’m making a smarter and kinder purchase by having my own glass bottle. Love you Earth! Trying to keep you looking beautiful for real long time.

4- better for your body
Cleaning products are some of THE most toxic products in our home. Exposure through your skin and in their vapors builds up in the body to create what is called the body burden. It is very difficult for the body to process these synthetic chemicals, so instead of just a one time side effect (which is annoying on its own, hello headache from cleaning the shower), these chemicals just hang out in your body. The amounts start out small but the effects start showing themselves quickly as their amount grows.
nah. not me. Don’t need that hanging out in my body. Don’t need that affecting my hormones (look up the affects of parabens – these janky guys have COUNTLESS studies showing high links to breast cancer).

Learn more about essential oils and how to start using them over here! They’re my fav.

Alright, it is recipe time. Ready for this? It’s going to be so easy you are going to wonder how you ever bought your own haha.

supplies : 1 capful or 1 oz Thieves Household Cleaner (cleaning concentrate), 16 oz glass or bpa free spray bottle, 15 drops of essential oils, water

steps : Add Thieves Household Cleaner and the oils of your choosing to spray bottle. Fill with water to the top and spray away!

supplies : 15-20 drops of EO, castile soap, water, foaming hand soap pump, vitamin E (optional add in)

steps : Add castile soap, essential oils, and vitamin E (optional). Then fill with water and wash away!


**How do I know what scents go together and smell good?

Great question. My rule of thumb usually is – if it smells good in the diffuser, itll smell good as a spray or in your hand soap. The exception with some things would be with your Thieves Cleaner, because it already has Thieves oil in it, you will want to pick oils that go with it. That being said, I’ve added Geranium (for spring time) to mine before and thought it might smell terrible with the Thieves, but it didn’t!

I get pretty much all of diffuser inspiration from Pinterest or my favorite oil accounts on Instagram. So if you’re looking for inspiration, head those places!

LINKS : glass spray bottles, castile soap, foaming hand soap bottles

If you want to learn more about what essential oils are and how to start using them, check out this post over here!

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