December Recap : GA Trip + Christmas 2019

We are now almost halfway through the first month of 2020 and I’m just now kind of recapping December! In the beginning of December, Caleb and I took a quick trip up to North Georgia to our grandparents house near Helen. I planned on sharing all the pics from there right after, but I think the break from social media during our trip took hold of me and I spent the rest of December mostly offline.

It was a good idea. Sometimes I really enjoy letting memories sit a little bit before sharing them.

During the holidays you hardly have time to enjoy the present, much less look back and reflect on older ones.

Anyway, not much to say about all that. Came here to share favorite moments!

We’re so so so so blessed to have the sweetest grandparents who let us stay at their house in Hiawassee, GA. It’s about an hour from Blue Ridge and 30 min from Helen! Such an ideal spot to have a little retreat. We went last year also in September right before the leaves changed and everything was still super full from the Summer – green everywhere with a hint of yellow and orange. This time was so bare compared to then, and to be honest was a little sad haha! It was still incredibly beautiful, though.

Managed to get a perfect squinty eyed picture on our first day out. Visited Mercier Orchards that day in Blue Ridge, which is usually beautiful, but hey it was winter and there were a lot of twiggy trees and dead apples on the ground haha. Oh well. You make the best of it. Also the reality of vacations sets in a little bit when I see this picture because a couple hours later I started to not feel well at all.

I didn’t realize until a few years ago that I often have a low level of anxiety running under the surface. Most of the time I don’t notice it until it affects my stomach – it’s not fun to be in the middle of the mountains feeling nauseous. I’ve been using CBD lately mixed with some stellar essential oils that really help when I’m struggling to get ahead of it. Thankfully I always bring it and I was feeling better by the time we got back home. Caleb is the best and instead of going to another cool place to eat for dinner, we grabbed pizza and salad for the 2nd time haha.

The next day was so special, lots of hiking and adventures. We started it off hiking up to this overlook. We were definitely the only ones on the trail and I have to say it was a little nerve wracking – I’m not afraid of bears, but I’m not NOT afraid of them…..we didn’t see any bears though. It was so windy and cloudy and cooollllld, but absolutely gorgeous at the top. We took approx 743 pictures as we tried to get the perfect casual “I’m not cold I’m having the best time of my life and it’s like tropical up here I’m so warm” pic. We’re not professionals hahaha. This one is my fav.

Looks like the camera is going to fall off the railing and down the mountain and Caleb still looks cold after taking 23 before this and adjusting himself to not look so cold haha. But I like it. Also obsessed with that pink teddy bear sweater – so warm and cozy, thank you Marshalls for always coming through.

elevation : 3625 ft! woop woop! Let’s be honest, we drove up 80 % of the way haha.

**actually looking at my boots, not trying to pose a cool blogger pic – that’s a win for sure.

Next stop was Tallulah Gorge State Park, a family fav. There is a beautiful waterfall there at the bottom of a million stairs. I saw it once before, and that was good enough. Those stairs about killed me on the way back up last time. This time we just walked around the edge of the park because it has the most gorgeous views of the gorge.

And after we stopped at the park, we drove down a road that runs alongside a creek near the house. So so pretty. We caught some dads taking their boys out fishing and it was the sweetest.

In between all our adventures was a lot of chilling, and fireplace sitting, and hot chocolate. Great way to celebrate 5 years of marriage!!

Had a lot going on this Christmas so didn’t get as much downtime to appreciate all the little moments as I would’ve liked, but we fit in 1 movie night watching Home Alone 2 and hot chocolate! Sitting here in January, missing these sweet moments, but maybe I can convince Caleb another movie night is in order. We’ve been going through the Indiana Jones movies, so I think its time for our next one soon!

Another favorite memory from the week of Christmas was going shopping with my dad on the day before Christmas Eve for my mom! This is a tradition we do every year, depending on when he flies in from where he’s working (he works overseas). This year the day before Christmas Eve was our only option, so we got up and out super early (6:30) and hit the town. It was so fun to be done shopping by 9 am and get breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Very very good morning. He even wore a touristy Christmas FL shirt.

And that is IT! That was December. Excited to be in January and headed towards some new things. Caleb’s birthday is next month (Valentine’s Day!) and then Spring will be on its way to FL soon.


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