Holiday Home Tour 2020

I spent the better part of decorating this year kicking myself because somehow I have misplaced the very very very special ornaments that my dad brought back from Russia when I was little. They are so special and hand painted and have all the vintage Christmas feels – I tore through every nook and cranny of the house in search of these and could not find them. I gave up looking last week. Chalk it up to sucky 2020 I suppose. Ugh.

Enough of the bummer though lol – I added lots of ribbon and bows this year to our holiday decor and I am loving it. They remind me of older times and vintage Christmas is literally my favorite.

This is our first Christmas in our new church, so we have that coming up on Sunday, our classic cookie baking session, and then my dad flies in on Christmas Eve! Going to be a great week – hoping this season brings you joy and light and hope that in 2021 you will taste and see the goodness of the Lord, friend.

Enjoy scrolling through a little bit of Christmas magic. Also you will notice the tree looks rather sparse on the bottom and that is because cats – they break the glass ornaments and think the felt ones are toys to be grabbed and hidden around the house….so there’s many more ornaments up top than bottom!!

I have since added my fairy twinkle lights to this console and they are perfection.

Merry Christmas, friends! xoxoxoxo

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