Living Room Transitions

alright. ack! Transitioning styles is difficult. So we’re going to chat through what our living room has been, where it is now, and where it is maybe hopefully headed? I hope someone else relates with picking a style or transitioning into one.

I am moving my little house towards something that looks like a modern traditional english cottage..? lol. Pretty much can’t describe it. Have to show pictures and Pinterest is my fav way of gathering inspo from different places.

circa 2014?

Here is where we started a few years ago lol – um. As you can see I have always loved doing things different, color, a little weirdness, not a lot of sophistication – hitting my late 20’s and watching way too much british TV and I want my home to reflect that “sophisticated” inspo haha!

and this is where we are at as of last week when I painted over the grey/blue wall to match the rest of the house. Honestly there is no particular style because most of the furniture we have was just picked out at random when we moved in. So it is a nice little mix of things lol. Not what I’m going for in the future at all!

I really want a cooler white throughout the whole house, but this off white is what we have, so we’re working with it! Work with what you have, friends.

alright – here is where it’s headed.

image via W Design Collective

the mixed style frames, the color of the wall, the colors in the rug, the lamp, the side table – so many things

image via Emily Henderson Design

again with the rug! the gorgeous floral curtains, wouldn’t do shiplap but def considering more paneling like what we have in the dining room, rusty burgundy vibes, little bit of brass, a lot more black

image via Coco Kelley

brass sconces, tiny pillows, white curtains, big framed art

cozy, traditional, modern english cottage ? with some floral mixed in because I can’t *not*….

Make your house what you want, friend. Follow the trail of inspiration that intrigues you, not the blogger or influencer you follow or your friend who has the “latest” stuff.

More to come with progress and some pieces I’m looking at snagging for the room!

___ sending hope and peace

Wendi McElroy

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  1. Can you tell me the brand and name of the rug in the room with the chaise lounge? Also the one in the living room (by the front door).

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