Modern Garden Cottage Nursery Mood Board

Whew. That title was a mouth full haha! If you have been following along on social media you will obviously know my husband and I are expecting our first baby early July 2022! I am 17 weeks today and we could not be more excited. We waited a while to decide it was the right time to have babies and we just absolutely know that this is the perfect time, not just because we waited but also because this season of our life is so special. I can’t wait for this baby to be a part of it.

Christmas Day we found out that we are having a girl! Neither of us was interested in it being a surprise, so we did the blood test and found out early. I was extremely shocked, see my post on Insta about it. I am so excited now though and knowing early gives me the opportunity to really feel and see what kind of space my sweet girl will be in.

Which leads us here! Back to the wordy title haha. I had no leads really on what to do with the nursery, other than I wanted a lot of green and blue and some gingham, regardless of whether baby was a boy or girl. I started to do some digging around my favorite sites to find art prints and found this gorgeous piece from Juniper Art Prints.

I fell deeply and madly in love right then and there. It was feminine without being a pink/purple explosion and colorful without being offensive. And the blue and green? It’s perfect. So she’s the focal point of the room (until the baby comes, then she will be duh), and everything else will support her.

Everything is in here except for the beadboard and trim work. We are adding beadboard which will come up to about 5 ft high (our ceilings are 8 ft) and then also we are trimming out the window in the nursery. None of bedroom windows were trimmed out when we renovated so we’re just slowly doing that as we work through each room. The trim work is going to add a *lot* to the cottage feel in the room. I’m so excited for it. I have the art print on its way so I can decide soon what the paint color is going to be. That is the only thing I haven’t decided on, but I am leaning towards a very pastel sage.

The pieces of furniture I picked out are a mix of old and modern lines. I’m praying the crib comes back in stock, it has been out of stock for a few months but I have some others I’m looking at that are similar. I’m so excited about accenting with any gingham pillows, crib sheets, or quilts I can get my hands on!

I originally had picked out a busier rug, but after looking at some photos in reviews (so important!) I realized it was a little beigey and not as light as I thought. This room is probably the darkest room in the house, plus we have the dark floors so I need it to be all the light and bright vibes in here so it doesn’t feel sad. The rug I went with is a white soft jute rug that will cover most of the room. It was on super sale (60% off!), so that was the only reason I could afford it, but it’s going to be the runner up behind Bramble (name of art print) for nursery superstars.

Crib – the “washed/natural” is in and out of stock but also looking at this one

“Bramble” Print

Lamp – another in/out of stocker, but also looking at this one

Nursery Glider – LOL should I be concerned, this one is in and out of stock too. Lord help me.

White Soft Jute Rug

Dresser – this is a dresser that got away from me on Facebook Marketplace but I am on the hunt for something similar

Curtains – a true sucker for these windowpane curtains, the blue version sealed it for me

Ottoman/Foot Rest – this little wicker foot rest is the cutest

Pillow – gingham, baby! (said in my most Joey Tribbiani voice), but also it’s technically plaid

Mini Lamp

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