hi there

a little about me

Welcome to my internet home, friends! I so wish we could sit and chat on my couch in the living room, drinking coffee, but it seems you have found me from your own couch. 

Would love to tell you some bits about me! 

I married my high school sweetheart in December of 2014. I was 21, he was 19! Babies! 

We bought and remodeled a home in what felt like the craziest 60 days of my life – right before we got married in December! We obviously were BANANAS! 

I was born, raised, AND am currently living in Central Florida. We actually both live 5 min from both of our childhood homes in a little city called Wildwood. 

My husband and I grew up 5 min from each other our entire lives, but didn’t meet until I was 15. 

My favorite tv show is, hands down, The Office. Jim & Pam forever. 
Favorite movie/movie series is Star Wars – something I never thought I would admit. 

I am an Enneagram 9 – The Peacemaker (obsessed with all things Enneagram)

Myers-Briggs INFP 

Jesus is life and everything. Not a religion or a cultural tradition for us. He changes everything and we’re building our life around Him. We love serving in ministry, specifically in student ministry and leading others in worship. Caleb and I helped some friends of ours start Reclaimed Church in November of 2020, so we are new church planters and also new youth pastors. This season has been full of growing and stretching in so many beautiful ways! And also, who starts a church in 2020 while the world is shut down haha?? Crazy, but it was perfect timing.

I use essential oils for everything. Literally. 

We have 2 cats! Russell is a black and white “tuxedo” cat and Archie is an orange and white with no tail (we think he was born like this?) — they are allllways into something, and I don’t even care because I love them so much haha!

I am an only child! No regrets. I never wished for siblings lol!

I do want a mediumish to large family. Not exactly sure how many, maybe 4? No kids yet though for us.