hello again

Took a long break from writing and sharing because there has just been too much in my brain for the past 6 months to communicate. There are so many changes […]

Letting Go : A Spiritual Practice

Our homes are kind of transforming I would say right? They are the all in one place at the moment. This scene with my diffuser going and the counters clean […]

December Recap : GA Trip + Christmas 2019

We are now almost halfway through the first month of 2020 and I’m just now kind of recapping December! In the beginning of December, Caleb and I took a quick […]

Season of Fruit

I sat on this stool last week and bawled my eyes out. I have been oddly emotional lately (not pregnant). When it comes to feelings I am literally just like […]

My Happy Face

hahaha. I am not the girl who posts a selfie with an inspirational quote haha. I just literally can’t. There is nothing wrong with those. I LOVE good quotes. See […]

FUGE Summer 2019

Every summer for 4 years now, Caleb and I have gone to summer camp with our youth from Heritage Community Church. I call them “our” youth, we’re not the pastors, […]

Intro to the Enneagram

I learned something really interesting about myself when we took this trip to the mountains last year. Walking through this gorgeous park in Georgia, I literally felt like I was […]

Cornerstones to Wholeness

Over the next month I’m going to be peeking into the cornerstone pieces of what has pushed my personal journey towards wholeness. Kind of the why behind them and the […]