Essential Oils

Getting Started

Essential oils are the lifeblood of a plant. They help them to fight off attackers of any kind – be it an animal, seasonal changes, climate conditions – you name it. Plants don’t have sharp teeth or fists to defend themselves, so this part of the plant gives it its edge, if you will. When certain plants are grown and distilled under excellent, watchful care they can be used therapeutically to aid us in whatever life throws at us. Be it a lego to the foot (the literal worst pain a human can experience) or emotional ups and downs of being a human.

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There are 3 main ways to use essential oils. 

The first is inhaling or aromatically.

Think aroma. Think walking in grandma’s house and smelling cookies, but replace cookie particles in your nose with essential oil particles that don’t just smell great, but are transported to the brain almost instantly. Delivering calm, focus, immune support, and uplifting support in 22 seconds.


Pretty self explanatory. Apply the oils on your skin wherever you are needing support. Stiff neck? Apply oils there. Upset stomach? Apply oils there. When all else fails apply the oils on your pulse points, or areas where your skin is a little thinner – inner wrists, behind the ears. 


For this 3rd way, I can only speak for the oil company I know and love (Young Living). Add 1 or 2 drops of oil to a warm tea, a gel capsule, or apply under the tongue to take it internally. Young Living has tons of oils that are labeled safe to ingest (per the FDA) and have been verified by the non-GMO project as well!


choose your bundle




Lavender : Restful sleep, relaxation, hair and skin support

Frankincense : Grounding and helps create dewy, flawless skin.

Panaway : Soothes muscles and joints

Raven : Supports healthy lung function – great for exercise and during fall/winter months

Valor : inhale or apply to boost courage + confidence, also great for all things spine related

Peace & Calming : apply or diffuse when you’re in need of the “big guns” for scared/crazed pets and children

Stress Away : just what you think, baby. Vacay in a bottle.

Peppermint Vitality : Helps settle stomach, ease head tension, increase focus

Digize Vitality : Supports healthy digestion – think post Mexican food or drinking foreign water

Citrus Fresh Vitality : Provides an uplifting atmosphere, fantastic odor eliminator (not just cover up)

Thieves Vitality : Supports your immune system (fall and winter STAPLE)

Lemon Vitality : Supports detox organs, uplifting for mood, cleans everything


Thieves Hand Sanitizer : throw out your triclosan ridden stuff and replace with (AGAIN!) the non toxic cleaning power of Thieves essential oil that you can bring everywhere – grocery store, kids backpacks, airports!

2 packets of Ningxia Red : a high antioxidant drink powered by wolfberries (AKA goji berries, a super fruit!) that is game changing for supporting the whole family’s immune system, energy levels, and general well being

the value

Ok this value breakdown is just for the kit with the Desert Mist diffuser, but WOWZA. 

This is why I always tell people not to just buy a diffuser and 1 oil. 

Sis, The diffuser + Valor = $120+ !!! Jumping in with the starter kit is the best JUMP. 

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+ Do I have to sell oils if I get a starter bundle?

No, girl. Unlike other network marketing companies, getting a wholesale discount on your Young Living products does NOT mean you are doing the business. In fact, the majority of those using their wholesale discount just live their oily life. Think of it like a Sam’s Club membership. Your starter kit is your ticket to the discounts. AND if you ever decide to share oils with others you will already have *everything* you need. No extra gigantic purchases.

+ Will I really use all of those oils?

Well, that is certainly up to you, but you will have no excuse or reason not to! We load you up with ALL the things you need to start oiling when you get your kit – rollers, coconut oil, recipes, veggie capsules, private Facebook community FULL of live classes, or even custom text classes sent to your phone for whatever you’re interested in. You’ll have NO excuse not to haha.

+ Why can’t I just buy oils from the store or Amazon?

Sooooo many reasons.

Community. When you buy oils from store or Amazon, you don’t get the amazing community of like minded humans trying to figure a new thing out together. We go to each other’s houses and mess up DIY’s together, plead for the magic recipe to help the baby sleep through the night, and encourage each other in our own personal wellness journeys.

Quality. Seed to Seal Promise, baby. Read up on all the amazing ways Young Living goes out of their way to ensure BESTness (a word I made up) right HERE. Quality and *guarantee* of quality makes the difference in “oh that smells nice” and “um, holy heck that worked”. Young Living guarantees that from the time the seed is planted to the time the bottle is sealed that you are getting the BEST essential oils in the world.

History & Integrity. Young Living has been in business for 25 years this year. Do not compare them to the bandwagon jumping company selling oils at TJ Maxx. They did oils wayyyyyy before they graced the aisles of Target.

Support Small Business. Hasn’t TJ Maxx and Amazon already gotten enough of your money, friend haha? No disrespect, but let’s support your girl’s small business!

+ Are Young Living’s oils safe to use on pets, babies/kids, and pregnant women?

In the words of Leslie Knope, ABSO – TOOTLY! (sorry had to) Again let’s go back to the 25 years of business and quality situation. Quality of essential oils not only gives you the results you desire but it also guarantees safe results. Low quality, synthetically made essential oils are known to be more harmful than good. Please don’t use them.

+ Is the monthly auto ship program optional?

Yep. Totally optional and totally amazing. Because Young Living is more than just essential oils, you can LITERALLY build your oil collection for FREE by enrolling in the monthly auto ship program (called Essential Rewards). I know that sounds crazy, but the way it works is

  • add stuff like : dish soap, face wash, probiotic, laundry detergent to your order
  • get 10% back in points for months 1-3 and then 20% back months 4-24, and then 25% back months 25 and beyond
  • use those points you get back to order your oils! Free oils!
  • Then go tell Target to take a hike because 5 % on the Target card is like….cmon…LAME. (But don’t tell Joanna I said that, I love her, and don’t want her things to go away..)

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